Discovering Your Why

After imploring you in a previous blog to reconnect with your “why” and embrace the power that being connected to a purpose can uncover, I thought we should further explore exactly how to discover the illustrious “why”!  I have to say I’m really enjoying the opportunities that this current isolation situation has given me to reconnect with myself and those around me that matter the most and my “why” is certainly stronger for it!

On your personal mission to discover your own “why’, challenge yourself regarding what makes you come alive. What is it that really makes you tick and lands you in the happiest of places where you feel invincible?  For my sons I observe this most often when they are using sport as a vehicle to explore their talents; one as a highly competitive athlete tracking towards an elite pathway, and the other in sharing his love of the game with others as a coach and referee.

What are your innate strengths and where do you add the greatest value? For me personally I love being creative especially with words so have recently embraced blogging but have used this strength previously to develop policies and procedures as well as university units for those in the sport and education fields. I find that the feeling of being able to contribute in a meaningful way to society through using my strengths brings me to a sense of calm and worthiness

This leads to considering how you intrinsically measure your life and achievements and how this relates to your passion and drive.  The same can be applied in a business sense. If you can link your main objectives for your business back to what makes you tick and use your strengths to develop this within your business then the sky really is the limit! A world where we all have the pleasure of working in roles that feed back to our “why” is most certainly a world I would love to live in and assist in developing.

SBM is a passionate and driven organisation with each member using their “why” to develop not only themselves but each of our clients as well. We will gladly assist your organisation with reconnection to “why” and subsequent evolvement of your business.

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